Our Complete Service Promise

Here at Wastedrive, we provide a complete service from start to finish. Whether you’d like us to manage the whole process or simply look after individual parts of a bigger project, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs. With more than 30 years in the industry, Wastedrive has a comprehensive knowledge of recycling and processing equipment and promise to work with you in developing the best solutions to handle your waste and recyclable material. We can also install and maintain your machines and provide spare parts and consumables at competitive prices.

What Wastedrive Provide

Wastedrive offers the following complete services to all customers:

  • Expert advice on recycling processes including baling, shearing and shredding
  • Quality equipment compliant with Australian Standards
  • Ongoing customer service
  • Assistance with plant layout and production flow
  • Cost effective global freight services
  • Genuine replacement parts
  • Baling wire, plastic strapping and wrapping film
  • Comprehensive equipment maintenance
  • Technical specifications and drawings for the layout and installation for our machines and equipment
  • Supply and installation of underground waste systems
Dustbins for different types of wastes

Contact Wastedrive today to enquire about our services. Call 02 9630 9333 to get started.